Saturday, April 23, 2011

SocialOomph Review

What is SocialOomph?

SocialOomph is an automation tool that provides Twitter users the ability to set up tweets to be automatically posted at set time intervals. It is entirely based online and allows you to manage one or multiple Twitter accounts. It also supports other social networking accounts including FaceBook and MySpace. SocialOomph also allows you to incorporate RSS feeds into your social networking accounts.

More Info:

Whether you are sending tweets to one Twitter account or you are incorporating multiple Twitter accounts with your FaceBook or MySpace account SocialOomph charges a monthly fee of slightly under $30 per month. There is also a free version of SocialOomph available which many users find sufficient for their needs. The free version of SocialOomph does have restrictions that often make it challenging for those who are actively using Twitter for marketing purposes.

There are many options for automating your Twitter and FaceBook accounts using SocialOomph. They include:

Direct messages - You can set up direct messages to automatically send to new followers on Twitter
RSS Feeds - You can set up RSS feeds easily from the SocialOomph dashboard for automatically sending new blog posts
Automatic following/un-following - You can choose to have all those who follow you automatically followed back using SocialOomph. You can also also elect to un-follow all who un-follow you
Automatic listing - If you are using lists in Twitter, you can also instruct SocialOomph to add people to the list

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