Monday, May 9, 2011

FB Maxed

Facebook is the largest social media platform online today. It is also a way to market anything you want to market whether you are looking to sell products, promote affiliate products, market yourself, etc.

FB Maxed takes a plain Facebook fan page and turns it into something spectacular. There are three templates included; giving you a fully functional Facebook page.

It is hard to create an attractive fan page on Facebook without help from someone who knows how to create and implement templates into the fan page. FB Maxed gives everyone who has a fan page the opportunity of having something better than just something plain and boring.

There are webinars and recorded videos to help anyone input the templates step-by-step into their Facebook fan page. No technical skills are required to use FB Maxed.

FB Maxed is an easy, customizable system to make integrated pre-made templates into your fan page. Based on reviewing the product, Daniel Tan says you can integrate functional websites into your fan page as long as the website is hosted on your own server.

What you can have on your Facebook page are HTML5 videos, photo galleries, a lead capture page, landing pages, multiple pages, and more. You can even build in an ecommerce page into your fan page.

FB Maxed gives people the opportunity to do business a lot easier with the customizable pages. It is also compatible with Facebook Mobile where your page can be seen on various phone platforms like iPads, iPhones, iPods, Androids, and other platforms.

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